Funny Comments on Friends Pic on Instagram

160+ Funny Comments on Friends Pic on Instagram 2024

If you have friends with whom you want to share funny lines, then try our collection of funny comments! It covers the best funny comments for friends’ pictures on Instagram. You can also use these comments on Facebook, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

Having friends with whom you can share funny lines is worth it because it pleases the person. The funny comments below are suitable for boys, girls, and can be utilized in Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi, and Urdu.

Funny Comments on Friends Pic on Instagram

Before using these comments, make sure you have a good sense of humor with friends so that they don’t mind. Here are all the long and short funny comments for you.

🔥 Are you sure you weren't a model in your past life? 📸
😂 Brace yourself, meme material incoming! 👌
🚀 Caption this: The Adventures of [Friend's Name]! 🤪
😎 Dude, your selfies are making mirrors insecure. 📷

🏆 Epic pose! You should teach a class. 💃
🤣 Friendship goals: Making us all laugh since forever! 👫
🏅 Guess who just won the 'Best Photobomber' award? 📸
🍕 Haha, I see the camera loves you more than pizza! ❤️

🙇‍♂️ I bow to the master of group selfies! 🤳
🤔 Is that you or did someone clone your awesomeness? 😎
🤳 Just when I thought selfies couldn't get any better... 👏
💁‍♂️ Keep calm and strike a pose like [Friend's Name]! ✨

😁 Legend says even Mona Lisa is jealous of your smile. 🎨
🌟 Move over, celebrities. [Friend's Name] is here! 😍
🎬 Next stop: Hollywood. Your fans await! 👀
🖼️ OMG! Alert the museums, we've found art! 😱

💪 Pose game stronger than my Wi-Fi signal. 📶
👠 Quick! Someone call the fashion police. [Friend's Name] is slaying! 🔥
🤟 Rocking that outfit like it's nobody's business! 👗
📸 Selfie level: Expert. Teach me your ways! 🤓
📷 So, when's your next photoshoot? Asking for a friend. 😉

🌐 That moment when your selfie breaks the internet... 💥
📞 The camera called, it wants to hire you full-time. 💼
🦄 Unicorns and rainbows got nothing on your smile! 🌈
🤔 Very important question: Do you ever take a bad picture? 📸

✨ Who needs filters when you're naturally fabulous? 😍
💋 XOXO: Gossip Girl wishes she had your squad! 👯‍♀️
☀️ You are the sunshine in our Instagram feeds! 📷
🔍 Zooming in to appreciate the perfection! 👌
🇺🇸 [Friend's Name] for President! Your campaign starts now. 📸

💯 Ain't nobody fresher than my [salman]! 📷
👯‍♂️ BFF: Best Foto Friend forever! 📸
🤔 Can I hire you as my personal photographer? 📸
🎤 Drop the mic, you just won the internet! 🌐
💪 Flawless victory! Friendship unlocked! 🔓

👌 Gotta admire that selfie game. It's on point! 📸
🧀 Hey, remember when we said 'Say cheese'? You took it to a whole new level! 😆
🏆 I hereby declare you the reigning selfie champion! 🤳
💥 Just when I thought perfection didn't exist... boom! 😍
😇 Killing it with kindness and killer poses! 💃

🤣 Laughing out loud at your epic selfie skills! 🤳
📸 My camera roll is basically just your pics. Not even sorry! 😅
💅 Nailed it! Next stop: Vogue cover! 📸
🌍 Oh look, it's the eighth wonder of the world: [Friend's Name]! ✨
🖋️ Posing like a pro! Can I get your autograph? 📸

📸 Quick, someone call the paparazzi. [kingi] is in the building! 🕵️‍♂️
💁‍♀️ Redefining beauty, one selfie at a time! 📸
💃 Strike a pose, make it iconic! 📸
😜 Totally stealing your pose for my next selfie! 🤳
🌟 You're not just a friend, you're a selfie superstar! 📸
Funny Comments on Friends Pic

Funny Comments for girls

Just as the Instagram bios for girls differ from boys, comment lines for girls are also different. This is because girls’ sense of humor is on another level compared to other genders.

  • 👑 Your smile could power up a city! 😄💡
  • 🏆 Iss photo pe toh Oscar deserving performance hai! 📸👌
  • ❤️ Dil le lo, dil dedo, aaj toh ye photo dil le gayi! ❤️📸
  • 🏔️ Girl, your swag level is higher than Mount Everest! 💃🏔️
  • 👭 Aaj ke zamane mein ‘pyaar dosti hai’, aur tumhari dosti ka koi jawab nahi! 👭❤️
  • 💖 This pic just broke the cuteness meter! 😍💖
  • 😄 Tumse milke dil khush hua, aur feed bhi! 😄👌
  • 🌅 Roz subah ki tarah, yeh bhi ek nayi pic dikhti hai! 🌅📸
  • 🌙 Chand ko bhi sharm aayegi tumhari beauty dekhke! ✨🌙
  • 👑 You’re not just a queen, you’re a whole damn monarchy! 💁👑
  • 👏 Is pic ke liye toh applause toh banta hai boss! 👏📸
  • 😇 Every time you post a pic, an angel gets its wings! 😱😇
  • 🤩 Tumhari adayein deewano ko pagal kar deti hai! 💃🤩
  • ❤️ Warning: Viewing this pic may cause heart palpitations! 😍❤️
  • 😍 Tumhari beauty ka koi jawab nahi, bas ‘Mashallah’ hi kaafi hai! 😍🙏
  • 💅 Kal ki tarah, aaj bhi ‘slay’ kiya hai boss! 💅🔥
  • 💖 Dil ko sukoon milta hai jab aapki pics dekhti hoon! 😌💖
  • 🌈 Aapki pics dekhkar zindagi rangin ho jati hai! 📸🌈
  • 💪 Tumhari har pic se mujhe inspiration milti hai! 😊💪
  • 🌟 You’re not just a star, you’re the entire galaxy! 💫🌟
  • 💃 In this world full of trends, you’re a classic! 👌💃
  • 😊 Tumhari muskurahat se sab kuch bhool jata hoon! 😊❤️
  • 🌹 Yeh pic dekhkar toh dil garden-garden ho gaya! 😄🌹
  • 👸 Tu meri ‘Rani’, main tera ‘Raja’! ❤️🤴👸
  • 📸 Aaj ki selfie, kal ki history ban jayegi! 📜📸
  • 💡 Tumhare selfies se hi samajh mein aata hai ki ‘Beauty with brains’ kya hota hai! 💖💡
  • 💃 In every picture, you redefine elegance! ✨💃
  • ☀️ Aapki muskurahat se toh subah bhi sharma jaye! 😊☀️
  • 🤐 Tumhari har pic se mujhe ‘speechless’ kar deti hai! 📸🤐
  • 🖼️ Aapki har pic ek ‘masterpiece’ hai, bas frame karna baki hai! 📸🖼️

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Funny Insulting Comments for Friends Pic

  • Yaar, photo dekhte hi dil garden-garden ho gaya, par tujhse nafrat ki kuch alag hi feeling hai! 😂🌸
  • Tujh jaisi shakal dekhkar toh lagta hai ki Photoshop ka invention hi ek bada blunder tha! 😏😉
  • Teri shakal dekhkar toh lagta hai, kal raat ko tujhe bhoot ne sone hi nahi diya hoga! 👻😂
  • Aise shakal dekhkar toh lagta hai, TV remote ko bhi remote access nahi milega! 📺🤣
  • Tera smile dekhkar toh lagta hai, dentist ko bhi job security ka tension ho jayega! 😁😎
  • Jism itna bekaar hai, ki lagta hai usko recycle karke koi aur bana sakta hai! 🗑️😂
  • Ladkiyan tujhe dekhkar itna ghussa hoti hain ki woh market mein karele bhi kharidne jaati hain! 🥒😆
  • Teri saheliyon ko dekhkar toh lagta hai, unki tolerance level hi zero hai! 😂🤦‍♂️
  • Nakhre tujhe dekhkar lagta hai, koi aliens tujhe experiment kar rahe hain! 🛸

Funny Comment on Friends Pic in English

  • Squad goals unlocked! 👯‍♂️🔓
  • 💁‍♂️ Bringing the sass since 2024]! 💁‍♂️💥
  • 💃 Killing it, one pose at a time! 💃📸
  • 🌟 Friendship: 10/10, would recommend! 🌟
  • 🎉 Making memories and mischief! 🎉😜
  • 🌈 When life gives you friends, make unforgettable moments! 🌈
  • 😎 Too cool for school! 😎📚
  • 🤪 BFFs: Best Fools Forever! 🤪👯‍♀️
  • 🦁 Can’t be tamed when we’re together!
  • 😂 Living our best lives, one laugh at a time!
  • 😄 Smiling through the chaos! 😄🌪️
  • 👮‍♀️ Partners in crime and endless selfies! 👮‍♀️🤳
  • 💥 You + Me = Epicness! 💥👫
  • 😆 Proof that laughter is the best accessory!
  • 💅 Friends who slay together, stay together! 💅👯‍♀️
  • 💫 No filter needed when the squad’s this fly! 💫🚀
  • 💪 Who needs superheroes when you have friends like these? 💪🦸‍♀️
  • ⏳ In a world of trends, we remain timeless! ⏳🌎
  • 😊 Surround yourself with those who make you smile! 😊💖
  • 🌟 Together, we’re unstoppable! 🌟💪

Funny Comments on Friends Pic on Instagram In hindi, Marathi and Punjabi


  • 👯 Dosti ki hai toh photo toh banti hai boss!
  • 😁 Chal re selfie lele re, dosti ka celebration ho jaaye!
  • 📸 Arey wah! Kya pose hai yaar, ab toh modeling agency wale bhi line mein honge!
  • 🌟 Picture perfect! Yeh toh National Geographic wala shot hai!
  • 😄 Wah! Kamaal ki smile hai, dentist ki toh dukaan band!
  • 💫 Dosti ka magic, har picture mein chhupi hai!
  • 😊 Dil garden garden ho gaya dekh kar teri photo, ek dum fresh!
  • 🎬 Photo toh ek dum full on filmy hai, bas Bollywood entry baaki hai!
  • 💖 Bhai, tu toh picture perfect hai, bas autograph dena baaki hai!
  • 🔥 Selfie toh teri lekin maza hum sabka hai!


  • 👑 Kadak! Tuzya photo madhe changla swag disat ahe!
  • 📸 Bhaari! Tuzya photo baddal tar mala khup chan vatla!
  • 🤩 Arre wah! Ekdam jhakaas pose, aata Bollywood madhe entry honar!
  • ✨ Vah vah! Kamaal ki photo ahe re! Maja aa gaya!
  • 💃 Waah! Kadak pose! Bollywood la invite kara!
  • 🌈 Bhaari style ahe re! Haravli tujhi photo!
  • 💥 Tuzya photo madhe chan style ahe, majja aali!
  • 😄 Dosticha majja, photo madhe chuppi ahe!
  • 🎉 Chal re, photo toh mast hai, pan party kab hai?
  • 🤣 Dosti cha magic, photo madhe ubharla ahe!


  • 🎉 Balle balle! Tu taan rockstar lagda yaar, kaim!
  • 💥 Badiya! Tera photo toh full on mazedaar hai, dil khush kar ditta!
  • 🌟 Wah ji wah! Tera pose taan vakhra hai yaar, maza aa gaya!
  • 🔥 Oye hoye! Tera photo toh swag wali hai, maza aa gaya dekh ke!
  • 👌 Balle balle! Teri photo toh full on mast hai, dil khush kar ditta!
  • 😄 Oye hoye! Kya baat hai, photo toh pura paisa vasool hai!
  • 🌹 Yaar, teri photo toh full on swag wali hai!
  • 😊 Wah ji wah! Teri photo toh dil khush kar ditti, maza aa gaya!
  • 🎶 Balle balle! Teri photo toh full on rocking hai, maza aa gaya!
  • 🤩 Oye hoye! Tera photo toh full on dhamaka hai, dil khush kar ditta!

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