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What is Dotted Circle on Instagram DM (Vanish Mode)

You may have wondered many times, ‘What is the dotted circle in my Instagram DM (Vanish Mode), and what is its purpose?’ That’s why you’re here to find out. Don’t worry; I’m going to explain what those dotted circles are and how to activate or deactivate Vanish Mode.

When you come across unread messages in your friends’ chats, you may sometimes see a dotted circle. This is actually Instagram’s Vanish Mode, a special feature that allows messages to disappear after they’ve been viewed. In other words, messages will vanish after being seen.

Unraveling the Mystery of the Dotted Circle on Instagram DM

The dotted circle indicates that Vanish Mode is active, which essentially means that messages will disappear after being read. This mode can be activated or deactivated at any time from the Instagram settings, making it a special privacy feature of the platform.

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When you send a message to someone, it appears as a dotted circle in their Direct Messages to your friends. Similarly, when your friends send you a message in Vanish Mode, you will also see a dotted circle. This signifies that the message is temporary and will vanish after you’ve read it. With this troubleshoot Instagram scrolling problem and enjoy full privacy.

Vanish Mode was initially introduced on Facebook, owned by Meta, and was later integrated into Instagram in 2020. This mode is reminiscent of disappearing messages on Snapchat and Telegram. Its primary purpose is to enhance user privacy, as implemented by Meta.

Vanish Mode Rules

  • You and your friends should follow each other to use this.
  • You can select whether you want to enable Vanish Mode or not.
  • Users can also opt out of Vanish Mode.
  • Those users who are not in your follower list cannot activate Vanish Mode for your chats.
  • Just like Snapchat, no one can save, download, or copy chats in Vanish Mode.

Other Instagram Icons

Instagram features several famous icons, and you can react to Instagram messages using emojis. However, there may be instances where you encounter difficulties and cannot react to Instagram direct messages due to various reasons. Nonetheless, be sure to explore the well-known Instagram icons.

Video Chat IconResembles a video camera or camcorder and used for initiating video chat.
Pencil IconThe pencil icon is often used to represent the “Edit” or “Create” function.
Multiple Selection IconIt appears in a business account and is used to perform various actions on messages, such as muting and deleting.
Red DotA red dot is often used to indicate a new or unread notification.
MuteThe mute icon typically looks like a speaker with a slash through it, signifying sound being turned off.
Phone IconPhone icon a classic telephone receiver and is often used to initiate voice or video calls.
Gallery IconGallery icon often looks like a grid of smaller squares, representing a gallery or collection of images.
Heart SymbolThis is mostly used to react to DM messages.

How to Enable Vanish Mode (Dotted Circle) on Instagram?

Follow these steps to turn on Vanish Mode in Instagram:

  1. First, open the Instagram app and log in.
  2. Now, navigate to the Messages section and select the chat of the person with whom you want to enable Vanish Mode.
  3. Next, tap on the info icon located at the top right corner of your chat.
  4. Here, you will find various chat settings, including Vanish Mode, mute messages, and many other options.
  5. Simply locate the Vanish Mode option and activate it by toggling the switch to the right.
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How to Turn off Vanish Mode (Dotted Circle)

Method 1: You can also turn off the Dotted Circle privacy mode at any time. The process is the same. Just go to your friend’s chat, click on the info icon, and slide the toggle to the left to turn it off.

Method 2: Alternatively, you can also turn it off by swiping the chat upwards.

Importance of using vanish mode on Instagram

Dotted Circle Mode can be of great importance in various situations, such as:

  • When you are engaged in private conversations or discussing sensitive information.
  • During serious matters.
  • While engaging in highly personal chats where confidentiality is crucial.
  • To control the visibility of personal information to specific individuals.
  • To enhance your comfort by ensuring that other family members do not have access to your chats.
  • With vanish mode you can also set best Instagram bios with best insta usernames.

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Vanish Mode is a privacy feature in Instagram chats that allows messages to automatically disappear after they have been read. Similarly, if someone takes a screenshot of your message or chat while in Vanish Mode, you will be notified, similar to how it works on Snapchat.

Yes, they will see a dotted circle on your chat icon, indicating that you are using this mode.

No, you cannot receive a notification unless you have activated Vanish Mode.

Messages that have disappeared cannot be retrieved in Instagram due to privacy and security considerations.

End Notes

The presence of the dotted circle serves as a clear indicator that Vanish Mode is active within Instagram, signifying the ephemeral nature of messages that vanish once they’ve been read. Users have the flexibility to toggle this mode on or off within Instagram’s settings, highlighting its significance as a distinctive privacy feature on the platform. Whether sending or receiving messages, the appearance of the dotted circle underscores the transient nature of the conversation. Vanish Mode also echoes the concept of disappearing messages seen on platforms like Snapchat and Telegram.

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