How to fix snapchat device ban

How To Fix Snapchat Device Ban [Permanent Solution]

Snapchat bans your device, and you are unable to use Snapchat on that device. In this article, first, we discuss the reasons why your device is banned by Snapchat and then find out the solution to that device ban.

Why Snapchat Ban Your Device ?

There are a number of reasons for Snapchat banning your device. When a device is banned on Snapchat, it becomes unable to use the Snapchat app. Let’s discuss the reasons for getting banned by Snapchat. This issue is similar to why cant you scroll on Instagram.

Community Guidelines

When you create an account on Snapchat, it asks you to read the community guidelines, and you have to agree to those community guidelines provided by Snapchat. If you don’t agree to follow those community guidelines, Snapchat will not allow you to create an account. If you don’t follow these guidelines, such as posting explicit content, engaging in harassment, or any other prohibited behaviour, you may face an Account and Device Ban.

Follow community guidelines of snapchat

Use of Third-Party Apps

There are a number of third-party apps available online that offer some extra features for Snapchat. If you are using such third-party apps like Sneakaboo or Snapchat++, please be aware that these violate Snapchat’s standards, and you may face account and permanent device bans.

Spamming or Misuse Of the Snapchat App

If you spam by sending a large number of messages and stories to users without their permission, automatic messaging by bots can also lead to device bans.

spamming may cause snapchat device ban

Impersonation or Fake Account Creation

If you create a fake account on Snapchat, pretend to be someone else, and misuse that account, Snapchat will take action against you and permanently ban your device.

Security Concerns

If Snapchat detects suspicious activity on your account, such as Multiple login attempts from different devices by using VPN, it may temporarily ban your account for security purposes. In some cases you have to login with one device and you have to turn off your VPN so Snapchat may detect your original location.

security concerns are reasons to device ban of snapchat

Age Violations

It is essential to provide your correct age when creating your account on Snapchat. If you use Snapchat and are underage, Snapchat has a clear-cut decision to ban your account and device.

Reports from Other Users

If you do not follow the community guidelines, it is possible that users may report your activities to the moderation team. They will then check your activity, and if they find that you are involved in suspicious activity and breaking the community standards, they will ban your account and device as well.

reports from other user may ban snapchat on specific device

Legal Issues

Snapchat bans your account or devices that are involved in illegal activities. These activities include sharing illegal materials, criminal behavior, and harassment. Make sure you follow the guidelines and avoid such activities.

How To Fix Snapchat Device Ban?

There are number of fixes and bypass available for the Snapchat device ban. You can try it out

Contact Snapchat Support

First of all, you need to contact the customer support center of Snapchat and explain to them the exact incident that led to this device ban issue. They will register your complaint, and after conducting an investigation, if they are satisfied that you have not done anything wrong, they will unlock your account and unban the device.

customer support canter may help in the resolution of snapchat device ban

Uninstall and Reinstall Snapchat

“If you are using Snapchat from sources other than the Google Play Store, you may face temporary issues. First, you should uninstall the app from your device’s settings menu and then reinstall its official version from the Google Play Store. This will help to resolve this issue.

Log Out and Log Back In

You should try logging out of your Snapchat app and then logging back in. This way, any bugs and glitches that suggest your device is banned may be resolved.

Re login may solve the snapchat device ban

Check for App Updates

Sometimes, using an older version shows that you are unable to use Snapchat. You should regularly update your app from the Google Play Store so that you don’t face any glitches and bugs, which can lead to device bans.

keep your device update to overcome the device ban issue of snapchat

Clear App Data and Cache

You should try clearing app data and cache so that any bugs which is indicating that your device is ban will be removed.
Go to Apps open Snapchat Settings than go to Storage and click on “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache.” On iOS, you can uninstall and reinstall the app to clear data and cache.

Appeal the Ban

You have the right to appeal the ban if you think that the ban is unfair. You should file a complaint with the proper evidence and don’t forget to mention the date and time of the incident. You should also give pictorial evidence to Support team to case make stronger.

Appeal the ban in snapchat support canter help in the resolution of snapchat device ban issue

Wait a While

Sometimes, a ban is temporary, and a message will indicate that your ban will be lifted on the above-mentioned date. Trying to change the date and time may also assist in unbanning the device

wait as snpachat device ban is for limited time only

Use a Different Device:

if the issue persist, consider using Snapchat from a different device to determine if the ban is tied to a specific device or your account. If the new device is also shows same problem than you should register your new account and follow the community guidelines.


First and foremost, it’s essential to prevent device bans by adhering to Snapchat’s community guidelines and exclusively using the official Snapchat app from the Play Store. If you still encounter this issue, do not delay; contact Snapchat’s customer support service center as soon as possible. If this step doesn’t resolve the problem, you can attempt all of the methods mentioned above, and hopefully, your issue will be resolved. For any further inquiries, you can consult the FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no way to bypass the device ban however different possible fixes are there if you follow these you can get rid of the Ban.

There is no specific duration but if you are following guidelines than there is chances that this ban will be lifted early.

If You are able to login from other device than your device is Banned from using Snapchat, You should conatct support center as early as possible.

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