Tips To Write Great Instagram Bio For Girls

Instagram bio reflects your personality and increase your social signals around the world. there are different professions and personalities but keep in mind that there are some basics that you should consider while writing your bio.

All Steps to write great Bio

Short & Precise

Instagram allows you to write 150 characters in your bio, so you should choose your words wisely. Instagram bio should be short & well explained.

Short & Precise

Business Keywords

if you are a social influencer and running a Instagram page for a business cause than you should use keywords that are searched for your business. This will allow you to expand your business & increase People Reach.

Business Keyword

Link to Your Website Or Business

you can also use a link option in Instagram bio which navigates the user to your desired website or business profile. so you can convey your message more effectively.

Link to your Website

Personality Reflection

Instagram Bio is all about YOU. it always goes around you. So you write a bio that totally reflects YOU & your traits. Briefly explanation of your ideas can be added in this section.

Personality Reflection

Make it Visually Attract

A bio that is visually attract can create an impact on your follower. so try to make it visually attract by adding emoji’s and different signs. Also note that these sign should be resemble with your personality statements as well as your traits.

Visually Attraction


Instagram bio is a important part of your social media profile as well as business page.
keeping in mind above tips can help you to write a great bio for you and your business profile.
additionally we add some of the great collection of Instagram bio from instabiogirl.

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